The Power of Talk

While working at Modelshop over the summer, I did a little bit of research into integrated development environments for R. Over the course of this research, I came across a tool called DataJoy, from the makers of ShareLaTeX.

What I liked about DataJoy was its ease of use: plug in an email address and password to create an account, and get started writing R code immediately in a simple-to-comprehend UI. When compared to set-up with IDEs like RStudio, the time and complexity of a DataJoy set-up is simply too good to pass up.

That’s why I passed on information about DataJoy to my professor, Dr. Mika LaVaque-Manty. He’s teaching a class on game theory at Michigan in which I am enrolled. The syllabus noted the use of R for a variety of quantitative assignments, and so informing the professor about DataJoy seemed like a natural thing to do.

In a recent office hour appointment, Dr. LaVaque-Manty told me that he passed on information about DataJoy to a colleague who happens to be working as a White House fellow for data analytics. That colleague is now utilizing it in his work.

“Congratulations, you’ve influenced work in the White House”, Dr. LaVaque-Manty said.

The whole exchange made me smile.